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This is the portfolio of Andy and Philip. Senior Art Director/Copywriter creative team with years of experience at major agencies and start-ups, working on brands like IKEA, Kellogg's, TFL, Samsung, McDonald's and Center Parcs. Here's a quick overview of our work. When a pressing brief comes along, get in touch. We're known for hitting the ground running. 


Shot by Ed Morris this Department of Transport social video was designed to get people talking and discussing drink driving. It went properly viral with over 14 million views, thousands of comments and a great deal of social media discussion. It won awards at New York Festivals, Creative Circle and Art Directors club NY.


Directed by Eric Lynne, this film sees a family playing a game of consequences in the woods at Center Parcs. As their story unfolds, their imaginary characters spring to life around them, taking them on a brilliant adventure. With the evil Leaf Monster defeated, this family certainly 'Get together again'. 

Some lovely CG here from Electric Theatre Collective.

TV, Cinema, Digital, Social, DOOH, game app and DM.


We created a Royal Wedding mug, featuring the wrong Royal in the design, then set up a pretend  Chinese website to sell them with the intention of causing a massive media furore. Success! 7000 mugs were sold in one night.


Beautifully shot by Pete Riski, this film tells the story of a isolated island farmer who loves McDonald's breakfast so much that he makes an arduous journey every morning to get one. Everyone likes a McMuffin.


We worked with marvellous Mark Denton creating this print and a lovely TV spot shot in a South African Quarry you can see by clicking

the link: 


Youngsters don’t respond to shock tactics, so we went for paranoia in the Government’s first anti drug-driving campaign. The eyes campaign was a resounding success and estimated to have saved over 10 lives.

Directed by Ringan Ledwidge, the ad made the News at 10, picked up two BTAA silvers and made numerous 'pick of the weeks'.

There was some lovely print work (from Rik & Dan) and a whole shebang digital campaign. The ads also appeared in computer games.

Ringan Ledwidge, Chris Palmer and Dougal Wilson all pitched on the TV.

TV, print, In-game, digital, experiential


This campaign for Samsung mobile phone security shows ways people end up losing their work phones. We took over every poster site in New York Penn Street station, wrote hundreds of location specific lines, wrapped a train, and created some supersize posters for Heathrow T5.


It was a real pleasure to write and shoot this award winning campaign, which saved the account and massively boosted sales. The films were directed by Rocky Morton, David Lodge and Danny Kleinman. The campaign won a BTAA Silver, got Campaign’s ‘Pick Of The Week’ twice and won an Aerial.

The stars of the TV, Dom & Dan, also appeared in an online game, trying to get players who needed to be quiet killed. Crunch!


'Entertainment. It's even better when it's free.' The start of a beautiful campaign.

'Tadpoles' was directed by an eccentric married couple called Ne-o and animated by Glassworks. Small ‘Lily Ads’ were also placed amongst real Lily Pads, to recruit pondlife for the film.

There was also a cute digital site, featuring a tadpole dancing academy game called #Pondview

The ad got Campaign’s ‘Pick Of The Week’ and won a Silver Clio. TV and Digital.


Instead of celebrating McDonald’s 40th birthday, it made more sense to celebrate 40 years of customers’ memories.

Pete Riski directed the 6 beautiful ads, set to iconic 1974 tracks. There was also a national poster campaign and a digital site where you could type-set your memories, using voice control. The best were then beamed to digital super sites.

300,000 posters were Tweeted.

Creative Circle loved the campaign and sales rose by 7%


We created a machine that turns tweets supporting illiterate people learning to read and write into something useful: Real pencils they can use to learn.

We created a pencil-making machine and set it up in a New York Gallery space. We invited people to tweet to us. Every tweet became a pencil which was put to use. We generated millions of twitter impressions and lots and lots of pencils.

Screenshot 2019-02-01 at 11.09.31.png

McVities Jaffa Cakes Nibbles

This was a super-fast turn around job for McVities. We came up with an idea and got these shot in a matter of weeks with the help of the marvellous Mark Denton.


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