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Welcome. Take a seat. My name is Andy Drugan and I’m an Advertising Creative Director, award-winning Copywriter, controversial product and website launcher, film lover and proud dad to baby Olive.

I've been lucky enough to work into Dave & Naresh and Al & Jules (St Luke’s), Sir John Hegarty and Nick Gill (BBH), Jon Burley, Jim Bolton, Kate Stanners and Mark Tutssel out in Chicago. I also leaped the chasm to digital, working into Holler when Leo’s bought them. I’m Instagrammed and Twittered up. I’ve flown a drone, narrowly missing a tree. I love big shoots and I’ve worked with some incredible directors, like Ringan Ledwidge, Danny Kleinman, Rocky Morton, Allen Coulter and Wes Anderson.

You’ll find lots of award winning work here and on my archive site for big and juicy clients like Ikea, McDonalds, TFL and Freeview. Plus smaller campaigns for clients like The Russian Heart Foundation.

In my spare time I launched Guandong Enterprises, a supposedly Chinese website and social media campaign, selling ‘The Wrong Royal Wedding mug’. It went viral, hit the headlines around the world, featured on Fox News and sold 7000 mugs in two days.

They say I’m a lovely bloke, so don’t be shy. 

Talk to me on 07958 468 293 or


Wow Andy has written a lot. 

I'm an advertising creative director, lover of the outdoors, designer, illustrator and creative who loves ideas  I've worked on brands big and small, charities, big multinationals and everything in between, I've made big budget fly-around-the-world TV ads to small budget charity projects that help make the world a better place. I love to design and illustrate- I make prints and design T-Shirts for a clothing brand. I used to make bicycles as a job but I'm only really allowed to do that when I don't need to earn money 'cos although it makes me happy it also makes me poor. I love new challenges and I'm enjoying working freelance and experiencing different agencies and work cultures.

 I've won awards at Creative Circle, London International, Art Directors Club NY, Eurobest and New York festivals.

I'm not sure what they say about me-I'm sure it's all good. I'm easily stalkable on Instagram and you can get in touch with me on 07966 466 667 or use